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Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Was ich am neuen Patch Incursion 1.5 mag

  • The capabilities of the onboard scanner have been substantially increased. The range is now 64 AU and the delay to return results is only 10 seconds.
  • Agent Quality has been removed meaning that all Agents are now +20 in terms of payout and -20 in terms of access. Go forth, Capsuleers, and explore the world outside of Motsu and Dodixie.
  • Agent Divisions have been simplified from 20 down to just 3. The new Security, Distribution and Mining divisions now provide uniform types of missions instead of a mission type that was percentage based.
  • When holding down ‘alt’, your probes will scale around the center, making it easier to adjust them. A green line has added to make it more intuitive.